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Surviving a Long-Haul Flight – An Olympic Coach’s Tips

A 12-hour flight can make you feel like you’ve gone 12 rounds with a mixed martial artist. That’s a problem if you’re anxious to hit the slopes or the waves on your adventure holiday. So we asked 3-time Olympic volleyball coach Gary Sato for his tips on how elite athletes survive a long-haul flight. As

Expat’s Q & A’s of Being an English Teacher

With China’s seemingly insatiable demand to learn English, it’s no small wonder that so many expats come here looking for work as ESL teachers. While many of us are able to find teaching positions that bring in a decent wage, allowing us to live a comfortable lifestyle and learn a bit about the local culture,

Partying in Pyongyang North Korea: New Year’s Eve 2016/2017

I’ve spent December 31st in Tokyo mega clubs, Laos jungles and the Australian bush, but nothing compares to spending New Years Eve surrounded by thousands of Koreans watching the fireworks over the Taedong River as my new favourite new years anthem, “May Snow Fall On New Years Day”, blares over the speakers in Kim Il Sung

Our History

1998 Bryan Whitman started with his friend Oleg Hublarov from Latvia that moved to San Diego. 2000 Oleg Hublarov returned to Latvia and decided to work in in medical field. 2000 Bryan Whitman created TESOL Training International and has created more than 20 branches within the USA and abroad. 2001 We lost the domain

Mission Statement

Our Mission Is To Foster World Citizenship Through Educational Experiences We Value: World citizenship Continuous personal and professional growth through learning Fulfilling the needs and expectations of all our parties Striving for the highest quality in all we do Innovation and staying on the cutting edge Open and ethical relationships as the way to be

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