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How To Ace A Skype Video Interview For An International Teaching Job

OK – so you’ve spent 50K plus (actually – you spent 10K and borrowed 40K) to get a BA. You wrote a great resume and a heartfelt cover letter, you scrubbed those embarrassing photos from your social media feed and you set up a LinkedIn profile – adult style. is no longer the e-mail

Do you love China?

Do you love China?  5 Reasons Why I Love China Absolutely Breathtaking Destinations – China boasts some of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. Don’t think so? Check out the video above. Chance to Learn Many New Things – Once you get out of the big coastal cities, you discover that China is a very

Expat’s Q & A’s of Being an English Teacher

With China’s seemingly insatiable demand to learn English, it’s no small wonder that so many expats come here looking for work as ESL teachers. While many of us are able to find teaching positions that bring in a decent wage, allowing us to live a comfortable lifestyle and learn a bit about the local culture,

Breaking Your Contract in China: New Consequences for Pulling a “Midnight Run”

Anyone who has lived in China, especially those in the ESL field, might recognize this scenario: You show up to work ready to start the day but notice your boss in a frenzy, frantically dialing digits on the phone hoping to get a response from your co-worker who just so happens did not show up

Partying in Pyongyang North Korea: New Year’s Eve 2016/2017

I’ve spent December 31st in Tokyo mega clubs, Laos jungles and the Australian bush, but nothing compares to spending New Years Eve surrounded by thousands of Koreans watching the fireworks over the Taedong River as my new favourite new years anthem, “May Snow Fall On New Years Day”, blares over the speakers in Kim Il Sung

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