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Do you love China?

Do you love China? 

5 Reasons Why I Love China

    1. Absolutely Breathtaking Destinations – China boasts some of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. Don’t think so? Check out the video above.
    2. Chance to Learn Many New Things – Once you get out of the big coastal cities, you discover that China is a very diverse country. In addition to the 55 officially recognized ‘dialects’ (read: different languages), there are many cultures & traditions that remain to be discovered for the outside traveler. For the true scholar of history, languages, or culture, China presents dozens of lifetimes worth of learning opportunities… even if much of what was is no longer.
    3. Streetsmart People in the Cities – A smart Chinese person is probably harder to cheat or con than anyone in the world. And thanks to living in China, I know no one will ever be able to con me.
    4. Low Cost of Traveling – What could be better than not having to spend much money (as long as you don’t stay in expensive hotels and eat only the best of food) to see the sights of China, learn from China, and meet the people of China? Not everyone can afford long trips in Europe – but many can in China. Life-changing, perspective-shattering (perspective on your life, values, and own country as much as on your former perceptions of China), adventure-filled trips.
    5. My Girlfriend (+ most of her family) & Friends – Okay, this one is a little more personal – but it’s the people that make any place. And it’s the people I’ve fallen in love with, befriended, and come to know well that have made my time in China worthwhile.

So why do YOU love China?

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