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1998 Bryan Whitman started with his friend Oleg Hublarov from Latvia that moved to San Diego.
2000 Oleg Hublarov returned to Latvia and decided to work in in medical field.
2000 Bryan Whitman created TESOL Training International and has created more than 20 branches within the USA and abroad.
2001 We lost the domain name.
2005 Bryan Whitman decided to make a new site called and make it the because site on the market for international education.
2008 Partnered with Travel University International as their ESL Program provider.
2009 Added ESL Boards Career Center to
2013 Created ELI San Diego in Partnership with ELI (San Francisco).
2014 Partnered with EIEN (A large English School Provider both online and throughout the Philippines).
2015 Added Student Housing section to
2016 Opened English Language Center Xian for licensing opening our first English School in Xian, China
2016 Currently Building which will be a International Student / Teacher Payment Solution to protect international students and teachers from payment issues.
2016 Creating ESL School Management an All in One System for English Language Schools in the USA (In-Process Winter 2016)
2016 Changed ELI San Diego to Internexus San Diego
2016 Opened English for Flight Training at San Diego Flight Training International
2016 Created Discount Study Abroad as an addition to
2016 Opened San Diego School of Languages
2016 Added a Official TOEFL Test Center to Internexus San Diego
2017 Partnered with Interglobal Korea and UNN Network for the American Workplace Program
2017 Partnered with Access International Youth Program at SDSU and Tuffs Boston

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