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The San Diego Experience

Study English @ Internexus San Diego
Hello, I am Jamie (From Korea) As you can guess, I am doing well in the US to experience American workplace by learning English and experiencing American culture. I hope you to come here to work, travel, and experience American things.

When I arrived in the U.S., everything was strange and different from communicating to working literally everything. Therefore, I felt and learned many things while I am living in the US. One of the big differences comparing with Korean culture is Americans require and say their requirements or thoughts directly. Here is a story. The workplace that I was assigned did not give me tasks that I applied. Therefore, I talked about my purpose to manager and then he gave me another tasks. WOW. I did not expect that I could change tasks because Koreans work on the given tasks from their manager. So it was interested to me that American workplace is more flexible than Korean workplace.

In the context of the flexibility, I have one more story. I was in the middle of a project which is explaining what this company does so I had to get information from managers and check and report the things I made. Discussing the theme and contents with managers and interns, I felt that managers respect interns’ opinion even though we are the beginner of project or task. Moreover, they encouraged us to finish project successfully. It is the best thing that I experienced in American workplace to have my voice on the discussion table as an subordinate staff, intern.

It was really good experiences to learn many things, especially culture. My vague future career plan becomes clear due to this program by learning various things by practicing English, doing office work and experiencing new culture. As an university student who is preparing getting a job, American workplace program is the best experience that you can learn and enjoy. I am strongly recommending to my friends to come here and learn many things to make a future career plan.

So, what about you? Let’s do this!

Regards, Jamie Kim

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