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What is taking the SIT TESOL Certificate Course like?

This is a great question to ask as this TESOL Certificate course probably isn’t like many courses you’ve taken in the past.  There are many ‘sit’ and ‘get’ kind of TESOL courses where the instructor doles out the information, the students take notes, and passing the class is dependent on passing the tests. 
World Learning’s SIT TESOL Certificate course is different in all aspects.  As previously mentioned, this TESOL course is the kind of course for people who want to take charge of their own learning.

This TESOL Certificate program is a very interactive, experiential course that encourages participants to think critically, take risks, and involve their whole selves in the process from the beginning of the course to the end.


Here’s a look at our current TESOL Certificate course schedules.  If you’re an educational institution, contact us to learn about how we can create a TESOL Certificate course for your English language teachers.

The format of the SIT TESOL Certificate course

There are four key segments in the course:  workshops, lesson planning, practice teaching, and feedback.

Lesson planning sessions help participants gain competence in designing a learner-centered lesson plan and confidence in being able to plan productive (speaking & writing) and receptive (listening & reading) lessons.  The experiential aspect of this segment and the guidance the trainers provide scaffold the participants into being able to design a lesson that supports student language ownership.  Participants have many opportunities to hone their planning skills throughout the course.

The reflective feedback sessions follow the practice teaching classes.  They help participants deepen their understanding of the principles of teaching and learning the English language.  The trainer-guided discussions that occur are centered around how to become even more effective English language teachers.  These sessions also help participants further develop their teaching skills by encouraging each individual to create measurable goals designed to improve how they support student learning in the classroom.
TESOL workshops explore the fundamental aspects of teaching English by examining how to teach language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) through role play, experimenting, and unpacking practical strategies.  We look at sample lessons,techniques for engaging the students, strategies for encouraging practice,comprehension checking tools, and practical tips related finding a job teaching English to non-native speakers.  All participants develop a foundation in the fundamental principles of language teaching and language learning.

Practice teaching segments give participants a chance to put their skills to practice by teaching real English language classes.  This is a wonderful opportunity to gain confidence and competence.  In addition to teaching the classes, participants observe their peers and their trainers teach as well.    The SIT TESOL Certificate course gives participants a chance to teach 6 hours of classes and observe 30 hours of real teaching.  These observations help participants develop a keen sense of what helps and hinders learning.This component is vital to developing the skills an effective English language teacher needs.


These 4 components of the SIT TESOL preparation course come together to form the experiential learning cycle the SIT TESOL Certificate Course offers.

  1. Participants explore teaching and learning a specific language skill, speaking for example;  
  2. Participants plan a learner-centered lesson that works on that specific skill; 
  3. Participants then teach the lesson.
  4. Participants reflect on what they learned from the experience and how it will impact the next trip around the experiential learning cycle.

If you are looking for a TESOL Certificate course that allows you to take charge of your own learning, this course will be a nice fit.  For a peek at our current schedule click here.

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