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Teach in Mexico

A unique opportunity for those with no in-classroom experience or certification who want to teach English to children, teenagers and adults in Mexico for a semester.

Invest part of your gap-year or a semester living and serving abroad.

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HELP! provides volunteers with the following:

*Housing and meals for the duration of your stay.
*Introductory Spanish Workshop
*A hands on teaching program that will help you develop the skills necessary to teach in any country and interact with people from all over the globe.
*A once in a lifetime experience to serve in immeasurable ways and make wonderful friends.
*The chance to be immersed in the Mexican culture.

Volunteers will work with students for 4 hours/day Monday – Friday. There is a minimum commitment requirement of four months. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and must be studying at a University/Community College; taking Higher Education classes; or, be a University Graduate.

HELP! is a private organization and therefore cannot offer any type of university credit. There are many universities that are willing to give students independent study credits in a variety of subjects (language, history, or education) and will help you make this experience “count” for something on an academic level. Many universities also requiere an internship – Help! is happy to help provide this opportunity for you.  Participants should speak with their advisors or a professor in a specific department who may be willing to sponsor an independent study course and explain what must be done to receive credits.  Many universities also offer online courses — you will have enough time to enroll in one or two and complete the coursework while here.

This experience on a resume or graduate school application is priceless because it is a unique international service opportunity that is hard to equal through any other program.

Contact Help! ( for information about current fees and financial aid.

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