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Welcome to the Outsider by Grecia

Hello!!! Everyone!

My Name is Grecia, and I am from a beautiful place called “Mexico”, to be specific “Mexico City”.

I moved to San Diego, CA, almost three years ago, and I would like to share my experiences as an International student and of course as an OUTSIDER living this great Adventure in a foreign country, I hope everyone who reads my blog find it interesting or at least entertaining…

If you are planning on traveling to a different country, learn a different language, and be surrounded by a different culture or Cultures… all I can said is ” DO IT” Live this amazing experience of being an OUTSIDER…..

Sometimes traveling can be challenging specially if you don’t know the language or the culture that well, but it is always a great experience that will help you in your self-growth. to me this part was easier since I learnt English when was 9 years old. the difficult part was to adapt myself to the culture, when I was living in Mexico I used to think, U.S.A and Mexico had very similar cultures and that If I ever moved to U.S.A it would be easy for me to adapt to their culture….

GUESS WHAT????????

I was wrong….

U.S.A has an amazing culture in my opinion, and when I start living here I changed many wrong concepts I used to have about U.S.A, one of the most beautiful things from this country is the cultural diversity, you can actually meet people from everywhere, it is like if you were traveling around the world by just coming here, I’ve learnt so much during these years as an OUTSIDER. One of those things is to never be afraid about experiencing another culture, to interact with different people who can share with you different opinions about how they perceive the world and also about their culture and their experiences.

it is absolutely amazing to learn new things and share them with others. and language is a big part of this process too, language is necessary for human interaction….. but I will continue talking about it… later….

This was just a short Introduction…… ?

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