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Company Description

Beijing New Time International Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd. is a service organization specializing in the selection, recruitment and management of foreign English speaking teachers. The company has close cooperation with many famous educational institutions in Europe and the United States, and has accumulated rich experience in selecting and hiring foreign teachers and management experience, and has successfully provided a large number of excellent foreign teachers for various types of schools in China, and has won the trust and support of the schools, and has a high reputation in the same industry.

Company Detail

Is Email Verified: : Yes
Total Employees: : 11-50
Established In: : 2011
Current jobs: : 1

Job Openings History

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English teaching jobs available from August 2024 Full Time

Job details: 1. Name:Dalian International Training School 2. Location:Dalian city,Liaoning province; 3. The number of teachers need: 40...