School Bright English Academy

Company Description

Bright English Academy is an English conversation class/English class in Atsunan, Ube City. 

At our academy, students come from Ube City and Sanyo Onoda City and range in age from 3 years old to junior high school.

Team teaching (beginner class) is provided by foreign and Japanese instructors, so even small children can effectively receive lessons tailored to their individual abilities.

We are confident in our excellent curriculum! Many elementary school students have passed the Eiken test!

We strongly support children as they spread their wings around the world.

Company Detail

Is Email Verified: : Yes
Total Employees: : 1-10
Established In: : 2013
Current jobs: : 1

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English Instructor Full Time

The position involves teaching English to students of all ages. Classes are divided based on age and English ability with the hope of both increasing...