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Central European Teaching Program for Conversational English Teaching in Hungary

The Central European Teaching Program is an all-woman organization gladly accepting men into our teaching family. Established in 1990, we are the oldest and most significant provider of ESL teachers to Hungarian schools and have the full cooperation of the education ministry. We accept teachers of all ages as long as health and hearing are good. All applicants MUST be native-English speakers and citizens of the US, Canada, the EU or UK, no exceptions.

Our teachers must have both a bachelor’s degree plus TEFL certification before arrival in Hungary.

We require a program fee as we receive no funding from Hungary or its schools, so our teachers pay for the many benefits we offer you.  I assure you, this is NOT a placement fee. We are a full-service organization offering:

  1. All residence and work permits to live and teach in Hungary
  2. Private fully furnished apartment with utilities paid as part of your salary package
  3. Hungarian government medical coverage
  4. Several day-long orientation—partly virtual, partly in-person in Budapest
  5. National Hungarian teacher’s salary
  6. 24/7 services of our experienced kind, attentive Hungarian director
  7. Hungarian income tax waived (nearly the amount of the program fee)
  8. Salary through summer months without teaching for those remaining following year
  9. Facebook and virtual meetings for teaching tips, travel and assurances

If interested in more information, please contact the US Director, Mary Rose at Include a brief message plus your teaching resume. Our website and application can be found at

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Is Email Verified: : Yes
Total Employees: : 1-10
Established In: : 1990
Current jobs: : 2

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